Wednesday, November 12, 2014

DVDFab & & BluFab Multilingual

Copy Blu-ray/DVD and convert video file without installation.

Download Portable DVDFab 9 Online (0.4 MB)

Download Portable DVDFab 8 Online (0.5 MB)

Download Portable BluFab 9 Online (0.6 MB)

In first screen enter: 9144

Extract and run DVDFab9Portable or DVDFabPortable or BluFab9Portable.

Settings of installed DVDFab should be preserved.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Google Chrome 38.0.2125.122 32-64 bit Multilingual

Google Internet browser without installation.

Download Portable Chrome 32 bit MultiVersion Online (0.5 MB)

Download Portable Chrome 64 bit MultiVersion Online (0.5 MB)

In first screen enter: BEE0F1DA9C59BDDC/38.0.2125.122 for Stable

Or: 386BCE7945303B52/39.0.2171.52 for Beta

Or: FECBAC810E53B847/40.0.2214.5 for Dev

In Chrome 32 bit MultiVersion Online:

Check Stable for latest 38.x.x.x

Check Beta for latest 39.x.x.x

Check Dev for latest 40.x.x.x

Check Canary for latest 41.x.x.x

Chrome Online will download setup and extract files.

Open-source browser without installation.

Download Portable Chromium 32-64 bit Latest Online (0.6 MB)

SRWare Iron 38.0.2050.0 is based on the Chromium-source and offers the same features as Chrome but without the critical points that the privacy concern.

Download Portable SRWare Iron Multiversion Online (0.2 MB)

Flash Plugin (not needed for Chrome)

ChromePass Chrome Browser Password Recovery.

Download Portable ChromePass latest Online (0.5 MB)

To see Passwords stored in Chromium or Iron Portable, write Browser=Chromium or Browser=Iron in ChromePassPortable.ini

Can use Java Runtime Environment Portable

Extract and run ChromePortable or ChromiumPortable or IronPortable.

If you want to add parameters, start in incognito mode, not set cache in temp, not delete cache or allow multiple instances: edit *Portable.ini.

Example: AdditionalParameters=--app=

Settings of installed Chrome, Chromium or Iron should be preserved.


BurnAware Professional & Free 7.6 Multilingual

Disc burning software without installation.

Download Portable BurnAware Online (0.3 MB)

Extract and run BurnAwarePortable.

Language set by launcher according UserDefaultLang (if you don't want: write in BurnAwarePortable.ini: UserDefaultLang=false and Language=english or brazilian or catalan or chinese_simp or chinese_trad or czech or dutch or french or georgian or german or greek or hebrew or hungarian or indonesian or italian or norwegian or polish or russian or spanish or turkish or ukrainian).

Settings of installed BurnAware should be preserved.


New Rooting Tools (1.0) for the HTC One M8 (3.28.401.9)

Here it is! Newest Rooting Tools 1.0 for the HTC One M8 3.28.401.9 system software just arrived. Don't want to flash any custom ROM but looking for a root access on your HTC One M8? No problem - it's what Rooting Tools are for! What's included?

  • [boot.img] disabled and
  • [boot.img] disabled USB debugging icon on statusbar
  • [boot.img] enabled USB debugging by default
  • [boot.img] init.d scripts support (system/etc/init.d)
  • [boot.img] removed trigger command to execute to prevent stock recovery from being re-installed after each system reboot
  • latest SuperSu application (Superuser.apk) and binaries (su, daemonsu) (chainifre)
  • proper init.d script to run daemonsu binary as a daemon
  • special wp_mod.ko kernel module to disable HTC system RW protection (flar2)
  • proper init.d script to insert the wp_mod.ko module into the kernel
  • busybox
  • sysrw/sysro binaries for quick system partition re-mount
Device rooted with the above method should have no problems installing latest official OTA update because:

a) OTA update checks for files integrity, but it doesn't check if any extra files were added to the system partition.
b) OTA update doesn't check the integrity of the boot.img, so you can flash a custom kernel if you want.

boot.img source: 3.28.401.9
target device: HTC One M8 (0P6B10000)
target device OS version: 3.28.401.9

Rooting Tools are available for download here. More details and discussion about Rooting Tools can be found on my XDA thread.

If you are a power user and a custom ROMs flasher, you can also grab the latest Android Revolution HD based on the 3.28.401.9 update with many extra goodies under the hood.

All above files can be accessed via Downloads Page on my blog.

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HTC Google Play applications

It is now a common practice among different phone manufactures to re-distribute some of the system applications via Google Play store. Today we created a complete list of the HTC apps you can install on your HTC device. Keep in mind that to install and use some of them you might need to have a device running HTC Sense 6 launcher.

Name: HTC Camera
Version: 6.65.837374
Google Play: click here

Name: HTC Sense TV
Version: 2.7.832846
Google Play: click here

Name: HTC Service Pack
Version: 1.0.835811
Google Play: click here

Name: HTC Scribble
Version: 3.1.831220
Google Play: click here

Name: HTC Dot View
Version: 1.3.835614
Google Play: click here

Name: HTC Transfer
Version: 1.0.20313
Google Play: click here

Name: HTC BlinkFeed
Version: 6.3.835606
Google Play: click here

Name: HTC Clock
Version: 6.1.797217
Google Play: click here

Name: HTC Gallery
Version: 8.27.808455
Google Play: click here

Name: HTC Zoe
Version: 1.20.837872
Google Play: click here

Name: HTC Lock Screen
Version: 6.1.808627
Google Play: click here

Name: HTC Sense Input
Version: 6.2.795212
Google Play: click here

Name: HTC Power To Give
Version: 1.1.799648
Google Play: click here

Name: HTC FootballFeed
Version: 1.4.835533
Google Play: click here

Name: HTC Weather
Version: 6.2.836008
Google Play: click here

Name: HTC File Manager
Version: 6.1.835369
Google Play: click here

Name: HTC Fetch
Version: 1.2
Google Play: click here

Name: HTC RE
Version: 1.0.836077
Google Play: click here

Name: HTC Backup
Version: 4.0.798020
Google Play: click here

Name: HTC Guide
Version: 1.1.828291
Google Play: click here

There are also a few HTC Sense Input applications for a various of different languages, but usually none of them gets any update. The same situation happens to the HTC Speak app, which is also language dependent.

If you are working for a mobile company or some gadgets shop you might be interested in the HTC Specialist app.

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